Thursday, May 20, 2010

waves of color

is this not the best print you've seen in a long time? obsessed! it's the ula from crate and barrel and it's on sale right now!!

being in the orange/pink color moment i am, i'm partial, but honestly, i love the blue/green colorway too. what's nice about a print like this for table linens is that they can successfully spruce up an otherwise regular set of dishes.

take, for example, the white dishes i love to talk about which are on sale right now, by the way...

say i were to go in the pink/orange direction here with the napkins...i'd use my trusty white dishes and the salad plates below for a completely punched up look.

and then switching modes, i'd pair the blue/green colorway with the salad plates below for an entirely different look. i love the way the curvy lines of each piece play off of each waves for the little fish to swim in!

that's why really vibrant patterns like the ula are so can do a million different things with them and the possibilities are endless. it's also another great argument for a set of really dependable, plain jane white dishes. but you know all about that already...

orange and white salad plate photo from pottery barn, all other photos from crate and barrel

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Erin said...

I was in C&B the other day and saw the Ula placemats in the was like some other force pulled me over to them! LOVE that pattern and the colors!

All of my dinnerware is colorful, full of pattern. I need to invest in white many more options that way!

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