Thursday, May 6, 2010

tiny treasures...lavender dawn

so today i'm going back to my roots with tiny treasures...for those that have been with me since the beginning of this feature, you might recall the very first tiny treasure, which was the mrs. meyers lavender room spray. the idea started then, and continues now, that a tiny treasure is a small indulgence we can give ourselves as we go through often mundane days, for no more than $5 a pop.

well, allow me to introduce another treasure in the lavender family...dawn botanicals jasmine lavender dish soap. and i mean please, you can't get any more mundane than dish soap. to have a little bottle of something that makes even the most unpleasurable things pleasurable? that is a tiny treasure by all definitions. (don't forget to eliminate the visual noise!)

here's how i came to know and love this one...a few days ago, i washed my hands in my office's kitchen and was very pleasantly surprised by the lovely smell. i noticed that it was dawn and made a mental note to come back when i wasn't carrying a giant potted orchid to do further research. then i promptly forgot about it. a few days later, i walked into the kitchen and noticed a distinct spa smell...who was getting facials in the kitchen, massages next to the refrigerator? nope, it was the recently sudded sink...fresh from the dish soap! and the rest is history.

for other wonderfully lavender scented things, see this post, and this one.

photo from viewpoints

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Erin said...

Tiny treasures are the best! Why not indulge?! I love a great-smelling dish soap...this sounds perfect. Thanks a million for sharing!

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