Friday, May 28, 2010

my cup of tea

well, we've finally gotten to friday. i am the happiest ever that this long weekend is here. what are your plans? we don't have too much scheduled, and will definitely be finishing the hanging of our gallery wall, sitting outside and spending time with family.

another thing i am for sure doing is organizing my jewelry - a few years ago, i fell in love with the martha idea of using antique teacups for jewelry organization, and i started a collection of pretty english china from antique stores, tag sales, my grandmother's china cabinet (with her blessing, obvi). in our old house, i had it all organized in my vanity, but since we moved, i haven't gotten it together to do it again. well this weekend is it!

i also plan on taking a nap or two, like this. what's in store for you?

photos from martha stewart and country living

1 comment:

Simply Luxurious said...

Love this idea!!! How fantastic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. =) Enjoy your weekend. Sounds like it will be lovely.

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