Thursday, May 27, 2010

stand and deliver

so i know some of you, just like me, love the idea of bar carts as functional and aesthetic flair for a living room, dining room...i'll even go out on a limb and say office or bedroom too. well a few months ago, i lamented how there is a real dearth (yeah, i said it, dearth) of affordable options that don't look totally cheesy and like they come out of a flat box.

well, it's as if cb2 heard my complaint and came up with the formosa tray table (to be real, they might have had this before my complaints, but just go with me). for under $50, this is a great, chic solution to this much-needed fabulosity of a bar cart, and its pared down scale makes it a great (and portable) fit, even in the smallest of apartments.

it's also a way more stylish fill-in for a snack table which there is just really no place for in a well-dressed home. some other uses that come to mind...night stand, key table, side table...

this is no one night (table and) stand.

all photos from cb2

1 comment:

jackie fo said...

I love that! cute and functional :)

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