Tuesday, May 18, 2010

walk a mile in my shoes

well, in preparation for our trip to paris (and we all know how that ended), all the women in my family were in hot pursuit of comfortable shoes for walking that didn't look completely dorky - we didn't want to spend our precious time in paris in sneakers or anything orthopedic looking - feel me?
so we each found a pair (or three) that we loved for style, comfort and ease, and although we never walked that 10 miles in a day around the city of light, our new shoes are getting quite a lot of use stateside, so i wanted to share them with you.

above, the cutest little sneakers i've ever seen, right? they're uggs which my mom bought in the white/tan version at bloomies - tres parisienne, n'est-ce pas? love the blue striped ones too.

and both my mom and molly discovered dansko - do you know about them? they both swear by the comfort of the pairs above and below, and others i know love their clogs.

i'm kind of loving this pair...hmmm.....

and my best find were fitflops - love them, love them, love them. SO comfortable (after a day or 2 of wear), stable, pretty - one pair in black patent and one in gold sequins! (if you're lucky and live near a shoe box location, check out their sale table for $25 pairs!)

what i love about them is that although they're such a comfort shoe, then can be worn with nicer outfits too (not like, dressy, but not just totally casual either).
mitchell has this version and is obsessed. in fact, he's the one who badgered me into trying them in the first place...so thank you.

aren't comfortable shoes like, one of the most important things in the world? i just feel like life is too short to spend it in foot pain. when i look at people wearing shoes that couldn't possibly be anything but evil on their feet...ugh, perish the thought.

ugg photos from bloomingdales, fitflop images from fitflop, dansko images from the walking company

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Liza Ehrlich Bower said...

One word: birkenstocks.

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