Wednesday, May 5, 2010

such a pretty (cheap) face

so, did you ever get one of those weirdo emails saying that all these major department stores were changing their cosmetics packaging and needed to get rid of the old, perfectly fine stuff for bubkes? well, as it turned out, none of that was true...BUT it did all lead to a website that's been a pretty good find. and cheap!

my favorite thing is the elements compact which i filled with four different shades of pink from the eye and face elements collections.

another thing i love is the all over stick which is great for eyes, lips and cheeks.

are these the best makeup products i've ever used? no. but they're just as good as most i've used and are so reasonably priced that they make it easy to try out all different colors and products, mineral products and brushes & applicators.

i would recommend these items even if almost everything on the site weren't each $1, but really...i mean, even the compact is $1!

all photos from eyeslipface

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