Monday, May 17, 2010

back in a flash

my oh my, coming home from a vacation is not easy.

it's a good problem to have i guess, really. the hardest part is having spent a week with everything being easy and with the goal of pleasure and relaxation in first position. also, spending so many days surrounded by your closest circle...people who love you, whom you's so personal and so intimate, and then we're thrust back into the very unfiltered world.

more than the palm trees and the cool towels passed around at the daybed-filled beach, i miss the company of my parents, siblings and all our chosen partners. and that says a lot because those daybeds were RIDIC.

i think entering my office this morning was the first time i've been in the glare of flourescent light in over a week.

i know i'll adjust (right???) but for the moment, i think i need to just miss it all. can you relate?

i'll share pictures as soon as i can, and i hope you all had a wonderful week.

for another (more thoughtful) honey living post on coming home, read this.

photo from webshots

1 comment:

jackie fo said...

glad you had a good vacay. coming home does suck. but you cant be on vacay forever is what i always tell myself. unless you are on vacay forever. which would be awesome.

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