Monday, May 3, 2010

back to the beach

well, as you might already know, i fall hard for fragrances, and often. while i used to love the idea of a signature scent, i have come around to loving the idea of a fragrance wardrobe - the same way one might wear different handbags or makeup depending on the occassion, the clothing or the mood, fragrance is a wonderfully versatile way of mixing things up.

but i have to tell you, i haven't felt this way about a fragrance in a long time. beach from bobbi brown might be my favorite yet. i was going to wait until memorial day weekend to share, but given the weather over the weekend, i just can't withhold.

the nice thing about beach is that it isn't coconutty or fruity like you might expect, given the name. i love me some coconut (especially with some lime and verbena thrown in) but this is a whole different thing. it smells like summer and vacation and the beach in the least intentional, overdone way. it smells like a smell you thought couldn't be found in a bottle and only in real life, a mix of sand, ocean, suntan lotion, sea have to try it.

do you have a summer scent you love? have you put it on yet this year?

photo from bobbi brown

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