Thursday, May 13, 2010

stretch it out

how great is this weathered wood floor lamp from west elm? i love its scale, how its like a table lamp style but stretched out extra long. it's so simple in its design, really, but has such a huge impact. it reminds me of the floor lamps below i saw in a local shop.

i love the earthiness of the wood on both styles and could see them easily fitting well in several different kinds of spaces - they would of course be a natural fit in a cozy, woodsy home, but would also have a great softening effect in a home much sleeker and more modern.

it makes me wonder about several styles of table lamps that would probably be really great stretched into floor lamps. like what? funny you should ask...THESE:

top and bottom photos from west elm, white lamp photo from cb2, other photos from crate and barrel

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