Friday, May 7, 2010

mazels all around

mazel to all the winners of in style's annual best beauty's always fun to look around and troll for new ideas, and of course congratulate yourself on all the products you already know about and love. on that note:

of course:

i'm a recent convert to the dove beauty bar...i use the one for sensitive skin.
and although i can't vouch for these, i personally know people who swear by them.

the laura mercier tinted moisturizer:

the widely agreed upon best eyelash curler anywhere:

and here are some i definitely want to try:

how amazing does this seem?

i might have to get a bottle of this and tote it around with me:

i'll try any variation on this old nature fusion it is!

and given my love for all things aveeno, i'm curious about this too.

the BEST coral? i'll have to be the judge of that...i am intrigued by their description of the color, i will say.

and here are the things that were robbed, in my humble opinion:

revlon colorburst lipstick, specifically in lilac, soft rose and blush, a perfect shade a tiny bit darker than natural lip color.

and you know how i feel about these:

were any of your favorites chosen? are there any you think are missing?

all photos from linked sites

1 comment:

Maria said...

LOVE Seche top coat ever. Also a huge, loyal Dove fan. I use Dove bar soap and the body wash. I use and LOVE Laura Mercier's under eye concealer, so I'm sure I would love the tinted moisturizer. I think I'll try that out soon. One that is missing is Bobby Browns Hydrating Eye Cream...its perfection. more I love and swear by is The Body Shops Camomile Eye Makeup Remover...sorry Almay, I gave you a fair try and you just can't compete here.

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