Wednesday, May 26, 2010

cat naps

aren't afternoon naps the best? up until pretty recently, they weren't a practice of mine, but after years of hearing my friend kelly sing their praises, i started and let me tell new discovery ever, and i hope the summer that starts this weekend is full of them.

here's my favorite scenario for a weekend summer day: wake up early, procure a big iced coffee, visit a farmers market, run errands, chat on the phone, hit a few tag sales...and then home. i'd love to sit outside and have the breeze lull me to not-quite sleep, and then retire inside to a dark, cool room and drift away. then i love to wake up slowly, no alarm clock involved and have an air-conditioned, tv-watching night in.

what's your favorite kind of summer day?

photo from easy art


Coco and Emma said...

I challenge anyone to look at this picture and not smile. Thanks for the great pic!

Kelly said...

Love how you called them tag sales! Yup, that's pretty much my ideal weekend day too.

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