Monday, November 22, 2010

watch the gap

holiday shopping starts out an organized fantasy... it's idealized by our long and thoughtful lists, dogeared catalogs and big, thematic plans. in reality though, some of the most efficient holiday shopping is done on the go - on our way to or from work, a doctor's appointment or an oil change. this month, window shopping and killing time are crucial to our effectiveness. i'll certainly share the best things i've seen on my walk to work, and i hope you'll do the same!
from the gap, i die for the nylon puffer totes ($14.99 - $17.99) and the silver ones (by far the most moon-tastic, in my opinion) aren't available online anymore, so scamper in. these are perfect for wet, slushy days and to throw everything from extra socks, a rolled up hoodie and all your other essentials. i mean my essentials. i mean your gift recipient's know what i mean.

i also obviously love the sequin totes ($44.50) though the silver seems to be only available in stores. clearly, silver's a big deal right now.

and the velvet totes ($39.50) are so cozy and luxe at the same time which is, in my opinion, a pretty perfect combination. warm and versatile in the gray, and piercing and on-trend in the blue, these are a total win.

these are all perfect as secret santa gifts, the best "stocking" around to be filled with other goodies, or a standalone gift for someone special. or of course for you - i mean me - i mean...

top image from martha stewart, all images from the gap

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