Thursday, January 21, 2010

tiny treasures...evening dew

well, you know how i feel about lavender, so it's been no surprise to me that i am loving the johnson's lavender baby oil i bought a few weeks ago. it has become, by far, the most soothing, comfy cozy part of my post-shower routine, and i seriously think you ought to try it for yourself. it has all the elements of a tiny treasure - it's a luxury for under $5 and wins when it comes to pleasure to price ratio. considering that a bottle will last you a month or two, at least, it's a very good deal and manages to bring a lot of pleasure to daily life - well worth it.

following the instructions on the bottle, i pat it on wet skin pretty much right out of the shower (everywhere but my face) and after a couple minutes just sort of blot it with a towel so it's not oily slick, making a mess of everything. the rest just soaks in overnight, and i have to say, i find myself looking forward to an evening shower and then cuddling up in pajamas with some good tv. the scent of the oil - an emollient combination of good old lavender and good old baby oil - strikes me as reminscent of ... something... don't really know what. but something comfortable and soothing and wonderful.

to me, the feeling of comfort in the evening is so important. we all spend our days running and doing and working and go-go-going, and to feel serene and tucked in at home in the evening is a tiny treasure in itself. to do it with meltingly soft skin that smells clean and warm and sweet...well that's a huge treasure if you ask me.

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