Thursday, September 17, 2009

tiny treasures...get it while it lasts

so one of the biggest "are they or aren't they" questions on my mind pier 1 going out of business or not??

well, the truth remains to be seen, and it would be a real shame because i really love some of their stuff. i find it's the kind of merchandise you really have to see in person to make a decision on, moreso than other stores like it. perhaps that's why you can't buy things on their website, which is sort of ludicrous in this day and age. and is also maybe why they might be going out of business. also, check out the great cambridge dining chair on sale there now.

okay, not the point of this post.

the points of this post, IS however, to tell you about these really lovely damask-print reusable bags they are selling as this week's tiny treasure. you know the section where they have all the little accessories, usually on a big table, like makeup cases, umbrellas, etc? they're right near there. the shopper style bags are nice and roomy and have a great structure so they stand on their own very nicely. they're a nice oil-cloth texture and come in white with black damask, as well as a few other colors with brown damask. i have been really enjoying their use, satisfied with how neat and pretty lugging extra stuff can be. they're $2.99.

additionally, pier 1 also has the little roll-up nylon reusable bags in the SAME damask colors and fabrics. i always love these, because they slip right into their little pouch and can be thrown in your bag so they're at the ready when you need them. they are also $2.99. the spirit of tiny treasures being under $5 each, i can't in good conscience tell you to get one of each, because that would be $5.98, but i can say choose the one that you think would be most useful. and maybe pick up some change on the street or from your key table and get both. just sayin, it's a good deal and a tiny treasure-ish way to have a nicely coordinated little bag ensemble. and you know the way i feel about that.

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Erin said...

I love the damask bags....didn't realize they come as the roll-up nylon kind too. Very cool!

I really hope they aren't going out of business either! You used to be able to buy stuff off their site, but when they changed over they said it's because their inventory changes so often they just couldn't keep up with it.

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