Monday, September 21, 2009

full circle

for the first time, i was impressed with several items in the newest cb2 catalog. a few of my favorites were in either aluminum or stainless steel and played on classic circle shapes. i think my favorite is the galvanized wine rack, but i love how the tilted stainless steel snack bowls have a brushed interior and a high-shine exterior (hard to tell in this picture).

i love how the cold metals give each of these pieces a modern, even industrial sheen. there is something about each of them, though, that makes it so they'd be at home in any number of decor styles. i love how many options the urchin vase-sculpture presents - monochromatic flowers or many, multi-colored little blooms.

in whatever form, there's something charming and comforting about the use of circles at home. particularly in the form of these stainless steel balls.


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