Tuesday, September 8, 2009

tiny treasures...petal pushing

i'm not usually one for the standard grocery store mixed bouquet, because they're usually so generic and cheap looking (tell you how i really feel, right?). most of the flowers are fillers or greens, and usually the one they use as the draw is a rose or lily, neither of which i'm partial to. but the other day, i really wanted some fresh flowers and since most of the ones that grow near our house are done and passed by the end of august, it was time to buy some. i often go for an all-white assortment of bunches, but i was looking for a one-and-done kind of thing for $4.99, and the price was right on the dreaded mixed bouquet.

one benefit of these mixed bouquets is that there are more stems than in a bunch of a single kind, i've found. so i separated the stems by type, and then worked out a few small arrangements from there. i was happy with how they came out, and was able to brighten the kitchen, 2 bathrooms and our bedroom with cheerful little arrangments. for $5. now THAT'S a tiny treasure.

this is a good way of having various little arrangements while only buying one bunch, and could be a great strategy for a dinner table or party spread which calls for several small bunches rather than one large. this is also a do-it-yourself way of making the takeaway bouquets i featured a few weeks ago. you can also create several little hostess gifts for a weekend full of parties and gatherings. i don't think i know anyone who wouldn't love to have a pretty little arrangement to enjoy. i know i'm enjoying all five of mine!

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Erin said...

All that prettiness for just $5?! I love it!!

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