Friday, September 11, 2009

a fall table

the sight of this table on eddie ross' blog warmed my soul at the thought of fall on its way. i love what he does with different shades of brown and copper, and that he doesn't go commercially fall with yellow and red and orange. i like how he limits the palette to browns, copper and cream, with just the hydrangeas as a hint of winey pink. i feel like i always take the palette darker in the fall, but eddie's use of cream is inspiring me to keep some lightness in the mix.

he suggests using even remnants of fabric to create runners for between or under table settings and i really love the way it works. also LOVE the alphabet fabric he used. this spread is elegant and subdued and delivers total warmth even through the lens of a camera. i want to walk right in. i think that feeling is what fall means to me.

it got me thinking about the autumnal elements i have packed away - baskets, botanicals, natural balls - and ways to use them this year. i'm sensing i'll have a project in the works over the weekend...

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Erin said...

Absolutely beautiful. I agree, that alphabet fabric is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! thank you so much for your post!!!

honey living said...

you're SO welcome! thank YOU for all the gorgeous inspiration. seriously, when i first saw these pics in august, they just made me want to catapult into really captured the season and all the wonderful feelings that surround fall in my life.

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