Thursday, August 6, 2009

in the bag(gu)

do you think i'ts weird that i reaaallly want a matching suite of grocery bags? what's that you say, no, not weird at all? good, well then feast your eyes on my new object of desire!

now, i do love the trader joe’s reusable bags. i enjoy their oilcloth-esque texture and they're a great shape and size. i have amassed a collection of about four of them over the last several months, and at $1.99 each, they're hardly an expense. and i do appreciate how they coordinate with the tj's insulated bags. it’s just that i think i've really taken my relationship with them as far as it can go. they just can't compare to the loveliness of these sets from blue avocado.

i love that these are designed for the serious shopper – i think the combination i would go for would be the everyday kit ($49.95) and the fit kit ($19.95). the everyday kit includes 1 “stuff ‘n go” (nylon grocery bag), 1 “veg produce” bag (eliminates the wispy and wasteful plastic ones at the store), an insulated “chil” bag and a “pak” carry-all. and the fit kit includes an additional 2 “stuff ‘n go” bags. they also have another option, the fresh kit for $25.95, which consists of a stuff ‘n go and four “veg produce” bags. got that all down?

the lime green is so crisp and perfect for filling with fresh and healthy ingredients (the blueberry option i find to be neither here nor there for groceries, but could be nice for other uses), and coordinates nicely but not cloyingly with the other pieces.

these bags are made of recyclable materials and are, with the exception of the 2 stiffer bags, machine washable. and they all fold neatly into the carry-all, if you can believe it (visit the “see how it works” link on the pagelink here).

i was about to hit “order” when i started to think a little more clearly…although it’s certainly a nice feature, i don’t really need a large carry-all...i have a lot of those. and i definitely don't need one when i’m grocery shopping, so having it just because it houses all the other bags…that doesn’t make sense. and i do have a few insulated bags already...but i had been bitten by the matching grocery bag bug and i took a look around the web…

hello baggu! love! they have reusable (and foldable) nylon totes in three different sizes and a fabulous palette of colors and they also have produce bags!!!! these would be great as a sole grocery bag purchase, or in conjunction with either color choice of the sets above.

best of all, these totes carry even more weight than the blue avocado ones and the bags range from $6 to $14 with the comparable size being only $8, and even less with the purchase of 3 or more.
the hardest choice will be which colors to order…monochromatic or multicolor? or maybe multi-tonal in the same color family? they also have 3-packs ($22) and 5-packs ($35) that go with the multi-tonal idea.

oh god, i think i need a nap. this is just too much stimulation for one day.

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