Tuesday, September 15, 2009

rifle through this

okay so i have to show you the totally incredible paper products from anna bond of RIFLE in winter park, florida. anna does hand painted illustration and lettering for stationery products (lots of weddings!) in addition to web design, personal stationery and assorted paper goods. i hesitate to call her work stationery, because really, it's art. she does stationery ensembles that perfectly characterize an event, a company, or a client.

she also writes a fabulous blog called riflemade that details lots of her work, her creative process and her impending shop opening! looks like a dream come true.

i love how her work all shares a very unique style, but each event she designs for has its very own identity - what a special memory to have of a special time in life.

you may recognize this gorgeous marriage certificate from a post i did a couple months ago - don't you love that idea? signed by all the wedding guests.

i have been wrestling with the optional use of paper recently - i really love beautiful papers for stationery and gift-wrapping, card-giving, list-making, really the list goes on and on. but environmental concerns make that less appealing these days. i think where i am hovering right now with the issue is, in the spirit of moderation, to be selective about when i use paper goods and when i do, make them damn good ones. for that reason, i might be getting in touch with anna some time soon for some honey notecards! i'm thinking something roughly in this style - love the handwriting style. it's as if i wrote it myself. like, if i had legible handwriting. which i don't.

all photos from www.rifledesign.com


Claire said...

The invitations made me tingle all over!

honey living said...

i know! can you believe?

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