Tuesday, September 29, 2009

rolling on a river

two years ago at this very moment, mitchell and i were buzzing around the emerson resort with our closest family and friends, preparing to be married. i was bailing out of a massage that required a level of relaxation i simply wasn't capable of that day...kelly's forehead was burned by a nervous curling iron-wielding hairdresser...our "videographer" was breaking down emotionally and unable to perform her duties...and surrounded by everyone we love, we became husband and wife in the most perfect wedding either of us could imagine.

as we all sat along the rolling esopus river, my father's toast eloquently shared a thought mitchell and i hold on to and reaffirm often. "life is a river." and he talked about how sometimes the river is smooth and sometimes rocky and how you hold on to each other and go for the ride -- that when you find your person to ride with "it makes the good times twice as good and the bad times half as bad. it happened for me and your mom, and it will happen for you and mitchell -- you'll see, it's true." and we do see. it is true.

cheers to that.


Ann said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Erin said...

Happy Anniversary to you! What a beautiful bit of wisdom passed down from your father. I will definitely remember that! Thanks so much for sharing it! :)

Rachel said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying looking through it!

Happy Anniversary!

Maria said...

Carla! Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for passing on your fathers words of wisdom...they were beautiful.

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