Tuesday, September 29, 2009

peace, love and pillows

sometimes i feel like throw pillows can look very dated and decorator-ish. but not the reversible peace and love pillow by jonathan adler. i love the graphic punch it packs and i think it would look really cool against really anything, but i think particularly good against black or white.

i feel like they'd look really great in conjunction with a piece of furniture that's a contrast in terms of style. imagine how the heart and peace sign pillows would look on this antique baroque sofa from jayson home and garden or something like it.
i also love the peace and love pillow's cousin from cb2, the zip code pillow. this one gives a similar graphic look and is less than half the price.

cb2 actually has a few great pillows, including the denim and sequin peace out pillow and the velvet bicycle pillow.
i like the troy pillow because of how playful it's red horse is...would be great in a southwestern-style room as a touch of levity, or certainly in a child's room. so much fresher than traditional cowboy touches.

okay one more...

the la vie pillow, also from cb2, reminds me of the klimt tree of life paintings, and i love it for that reason alone.
i love how accents like these pillows easily add a little lightness and difference into a room, and i love these in particular because they're each a little nod to something nostalgic or otherwise reminiscent. to me, a home is meaningful and comfortable when it holds layers of memories, associations and suggestions of a life's experiences.

peace and love photo from www.nestdallas.com; cb2 photos from www.cb2.com; baroque sofa photo from www.jaysonhomeandgarden.com; klimt photo from www.artsmarts4kids.com

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