Thursday, September 17, 2009

the fall already-have list: bag it up

one of the items i most look forward to at the beginning of each season is the bags i'll be switching to. over the summer, i mainly used brightly colored bags many in canvas or cotton (like this one, my favorite this summer). but in fall, for me, it's all about shine, leather, slouch and texture. each of the fall bags i love combine one or more of these elements in their own way, and i am more than ready to make the switch.

one of the bags i am most excited about is this tan, felt-like bag with a thick red stripe. i love it because it looks like an old piece of train luggage or something - i feel like i'm in mid-century europe. in reality though, it came from the gap, on clearance at the end of last winter, so i have barely used it. this fall is really its premiere season.

i also love (and continually try to find use for) this huge prada doctor's bag i got at an outlet about 7 years ago. for a while, i've kicked myself for getting such a big one, because it is seriously large, but at this point, i'm ready to embrace it. i think the problem is it's heavy and big, and the small wrist handle is out of proportion. but enough complaining - it is a gorgeous bag and i'm going to do my best to really rock it this year.

it's also fun to switch wallets, make-up cases and other accessories to be less summery and bright, and more in keeping with your fall and winter style and wardrobe. i think it's little things like this that add little hits of pleasure to your day as you go through your commute, your errands, etc. if i love the wallet i take out of my bag to show my railroad ticket, it makes me smile. and feeling like i'm showing my railroad ticket with a piece of midcentury train luggage...well that's just perfect.

what switches will you be making?

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elina said...

If you do not find use for that Prada bag, please list it on Ebay and I will be happy to buy it:) I have a smaller version of that bag in tan with two handles and I have been dying to find a black single handle version in the larger size...

honey living said...

thanks for your comment elina. if you're interested in buying it, email me at and let's discuss. thanks!

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