Thursday, September 3, 2009

post-it right here

how great are these? i have been making my own low-budg version of these for years with scotch tape and the sticky part of post-it notes, but these are the real deal - removable, neat looking and available in different sizes.

perfect for labeling anything, anywhere. the first use that comes to mind is leftover containers, as shown below. the date would be helpful, and sometimes the contents too. though if i had the date visible, the contents might never become a mystery in the first place.


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Anonymous said...

must. get. now!

Anonymous said...

The answer to my prayers- I've been labeling the boxes under my bed with sad pieces of paper taped onto the box- which changes each season as I move clothes in and out of my closet.
This would be so much faster and CUTER!!!

Ann said...

In the quest to oraganize my house and my new hobby of scrapbooking, I am I am so loving this idea. Gone with the scotch tape..well maybe not yet, but love it!

honey living said...

so great right? i'm so glad you all love it. i knew these would be a hit!

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