Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the fall already-have list: all wrapped up

as you might have read yesterday, i am doing a fall "already-have" list, as opposed to a "fall must-have" list. it's part recession-minded, but also just a general nod to the spirit of being thankful for the things we have. join me! look through your closets and your belongings and take note of the things you're looking forward to bringing back for fall. and share them with me and honey readers!

today's already-have item is wraps, scarves and pashminas -- love, love and more love. all fall and winter, an outfit isn't complete to me without the added loveliness of a scarf. thanks to $5 pashminas all over the city, i have them in several different colors, and a few that are not your run of the mill $5 varieties...two of my favorites are a cream colored one with some sparkly details from kelly and another black one with sparkly gold embroidery. i get tons of use out of both and love to look at them when i'm using them and when they're just waiting on standby for their turns.

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