Monday, January 11, 2010

do the twist(er)

isn't this an adorable idea from real simple? it's a twister mat! remember those? i thought this was such a sweet use of it. it could be for a child's party, but could also easily be used for a grown-up one too, or even for a baby shower. and i bet it wipes down very easily!

ideas like this are cool because they're nostaligic, and you know how i feel about nostalgia. but it's also great because it makes use of something you already have, and i think that's so in the spirit of our world right now. recycling, upcycling, reusing...however you want to say it, it's being in the mindset of not wasting things and limiting our consumption of single-use items. maybe that thought is useful for more than just tangible objects, but could also be a new way of looking at other things in our lives too...maybe life is too short for fly-by-night trends and fairweather friends. hmm...deep for a monday morning, no? and rhyming too...i'm on fire!

check out real simple's new uses for old things, which is one of the first features i remember from the real simple empire. the above link takes you to a page full of articles on this very topic with hundreds of great ideas. it's where i got this idea, which i adore and i know many of you did too. and if you have any ideas of things we can reuse in fun ways, let's hear them!

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