Thursday, January 14, 2010

tiny treasures...mellow yellow

news team assemble! i am preempting my previously planned tiny treasure (tune in next week) and replacing it with a clear command to take your $5 and go quickly to bath and body works, one of my favorite purveyors of reasonably priced pampering products. (say that three times fast). sorry, i just had to.

bbw's "yellow sale" has reached fever pitch, and they are almost giving things away.i recommend going at a time where you have some time to walk around, sniff, test things out and not feel rushed. take pleasure in the act of treating yourself, not just the end result. it's so much nicer that way.

note: to take full advantage of this sale, you have to go to the store - forget the website - prices are different, plus they're shipping. and tiny treasures are NOT about paying for shipping. find your local stores here

okay, so we're talking 75% and 90% off of hundreds of products, in all different scents including lots of evergreens. that means that if someone were to purchase a large bottle of festive vanilla fig lotion (or any other "holiday traditions" scent) because said person is really into fig right now, it would cost $1.20. yes, that's right, $1.20. to me, it surely doesn't matter that they're in holiday-style stripes and colors. i care about the goods only!

also, you might like to know that the aromatherapy candle (nicely sized, and well-scented) is selling for $2.62. the lavender vanilla is what i would recommend, one of my all-time favorite scent profiles. also on the candle front, kelly was thrilled to get some of the 4 oz slatkin & co jar candles for $5 this past weekend, and i think i saw them for even less at my local store yesterday. look for leaves - it's a great, earthy, nostalgic scent for fall and winter.

and how about cozy, shea-butter infused sleep socks for $1.87 a pair? YES.

if this bevvy of items isn't a well-spent $5 to warm up the coldest days of the year, i don't know what is. put down the's actually $5.69, but you know what, you're worth the extra 69 cents. AND the tax.

you can also use this opportunity to stock up on gifts for giving over the next year...candles, bath gels, creams, socks, slippers and perfumes are never out of style (many of the signature eau de toilettes are 75% off, selling for $6.62 - look for vanilla noir and enchanted orchid, specifically).

stock up your guest bathrooms, wedding welcome bags, next year's stocking stuffers, you name it! but do it fast - sale ends sunday.

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