Friday, January 15, 2010

nate-rally speaking

worst post title yet, and for that i apologize.

moving on... as you might have read over the last couple weeks, nate berkus will have his own show at some point next year. i think new voices and perspectives in design are always a welcome treat on TV, and a wonderful way for the masses to have access to designer styles and sensibilities. so i'm quite excited.

and good for nate that he's taking over the world...remember this fab gift wrap set we talked about around the holidays from his hsn line? well i figure the timing is right to draw your attention to some of his other wares.

first, how about these? i totally adore these. they're drusy napkin rings in purple (above) or smoky. can't you just see how they'd jazz up any table? i love that they look like jewelry - you could amost wear them as bracelets. hmmm...

in furniture, i love the look (and price) of the tufted headboard and the wrap headboard and (always a fan of the upholstered headboard move):

but most of all, i'm intrigued by nate's mantlescape and tablescape sets- groups of not-perfectly-matching objets designed to go together in the best of unplanned, random ways. you know when you just really get a little corner right in your home? something about the combination of items, the play of texture and color just works? i love these sets because they're a recognition of that kind of synergy, and i love that.

the ahmad tablescape:

and two others which are sold out, and are therefore linkless:

why would i show you pictures of items you can't get, you ask? it's because really, i'm less into the idea of buying nate's sets (though i do think they're well-edited and they are all on clearance right now on hsn). rather, i'm more into the idea of them as a guide for having confidence to do the same thing in your own home - could be with objects you have already, or when selecting new items to rotate in, especially at stores like homegoods and pier 1 where they have such interesting looking items that often don't serve a huge purpose beyond providing visual interest.

have i lost you yet? here are some examples, sourced from the pier 1 site. they're not things you'd normally be compelled to group together, but seeing several examples of it being done successfully by mr. berkus is a confidence booster to try things out, so i got sassy with it.

and how about this combo?

because really, isn't it the little disparate pieces of a life that catch your attention in most homes? to me, it's so not about buying a set that is complete upon purchase, with everything matching perfectly like this or this. i love the idea of any given space, from entryways to bathrooms, being a combination of items new and old, high and low, and collections coming together over time, don't you?

it makes you realize that so many of the items we all already have could find new and inspired partnerships alongside other items that have lived all this time so nearby, and yet never the twain have met...until now. i guess if you're not smitten with the idea of hand-picking each item, the nate berkus sets are a great shortcut to getting that curated look, and for that, i applaud them heartily. sure beats something like this.

matching isn't always a good thing.

all photos from linked sites


Maria said...

hey! i have those gold frogs! love them!

I am Stacey... said...

Houses that match too much make me shudder!

I really like that O-shaped lamp.

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