Friday, August 14, 2009

come sail away

i have to introduce you to etsy seller "reiter8," also known as katherine rasmussen. based in red hook, brooklyn, katherine makes awesome looking bags out of old sailboat sails, each one unique. she calls her use of the sails "upcycling," as opposed to "recycling" because while paper, for example, is recycled by turning it into more paper, her bags are made from sails that would have just been garbage, and turned into something altogether different instead.

katherine's etsy profile explains that sailboat sails are made from an extremely durable material called dacron, and she uses the details of each sail like grommets, stripes and numbers, as features on each bag. she makes them in a "middie" size, perfect as an everyday bag and also in a larger tote size, as well as some messenger bags. she also makes pillows and wallets which could also be very cool - the pillows would be great in indoor or outdoor settings or even on a boat for a little tongue-in-cheek display. the wallets are very sharp looking, and perfect for someone who doesn't like a fussy or fancy wallet - preppy, bold and crisp looking. sort of like a sailboat...hmm....

as a part of katherine's etsy profile, there is a video where she talks about her work and shows us how she does it. it's really interesting to understand the philosophy behind her work. i love the idea that a "new" bag has a history - especially one connected to water and boats - makes for a really nice spring and summer bag, maybe even for the beach.

because they're so reasonably priced (bags are $48 - $75) and so unique, they'd make for a great gift. the coolest part is that for a very reasonable price, you can give someone (or yourself) a bag that is totally unlike any other - its own history, details and identity. with so much same-ness out there in the accessory world, it's pretty special to find something unique, and for it to be purchased from an independent artist is an added bonus.

she even makes a few pieces that are a little dressier looking, like the one above, which is a limited edition piece with a "seaweed print" lining that can be seen through the mylar and kevlar outer layer.

i really love the "middie" size and i love love love the strap length. nothing kills a great bag like straps that don't have a long enough drop. after much deliberation, these are my two favorites:

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Anonymous said...

how cute are these??
i'm in love with the green pillow. it's adorable.

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