Thursday, October 8, 2009

tiny treasures...tote-ally adorable

please accept my apologies for the horrible pun in the title of this post. and don't forget to post a comment to be entered into a drawing to win one of these fab totes - last week's TT winner is maria! mazel maria!

so this week, i am looooving these wonderful totes from forever 21, and the ones posted here are only a small sampling - there are plenty more on the site.

i think these are such a great little way of lightening your load - literally and figuratively. of course they hold stuff, the main function of any bag, but also, they're cheerful and light-hearted, and very artistically rendered. what a nice pop they'd be to any carrying ensemble and they would definitely make me smile every time i looked at them.

and that's the whole point of tiny treasures - they're little indulgences that don't cost a lot (under $5, for those who are unfamiliar with this honey living feature) that make your day a little brighter and put an extra little sparkle in your life.

in this case, the sparkle will only put you out $1.50 for each bag. yes, you read that right.

i'm even thinking about getting a bunch for VERY inexpensive holiday don't beat me to it and buy up all the inventory. that would be tote-ally rude.

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Erin said...

These are super cute, totally something I'd sport around. I think they'd make a great gift too. Use one of these instead of a paper gift bag!

Rebecca said...

these are so cute! but are they sturdy? i have a tendency of over stuffing my bags, so i generally would prefer to spend a little more money on a tote that will last. i still have (and favor) a sturdy simple black nylon tote from club monaco that i bought at least 12 years ago, and I can take it to the beach or carry it in the rain and not worry about the contents getting wet. i also got a cute but very sturdy canvas tote at the tate modern when i was in london in the spring - i almost never buy stuff at museum shops because everything is so overpriced, but i haven't regretted buying it, and i get compliments on it all the time:;jsessionid=BAF20A0C4E652F61F6BFD35DB2D41B6A.A

Kimberly said...

We have a couple at home, great for bringing lunch/snacks to the office!!!

Maria said...

OMG I WON THE PASHMINA TT CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never won anything in my life!!! I really
didn't prepare a speech but I would just like to thank my mom, my boyfriend
for always supporting me, and of course Carla for creating this wonderful
blog that brings a smile to my heart each day. I just bought myself a
purple one, so I think I want like a dark pink/berry a
cranberry actually. Anything in the dark pink family. Thank you so so so
much. yay!!

Maria said...

Oh and love the tote!....and all of your puns.."tote-ally" perfect.

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