Monday, October 26, 2009

a picture of organization

so, with packing and moving and unpacking on the brain, i am already relishing how this move will give us a fresh start on organization. i've always maintained a degree of it in our current place, but as i'm sure we all know, it's difficult to implement systems once you've been someplace for a while without them, and there is nothing like a new place to breathe new life into one's routines and strategies.

so here are some pictures of organization (literally) from martha that are inspiring me right now. if not literally, they at least represent some ideas i would like to test out. hope these spark some ideas for your home as well.

one of the many great things about the new place is how many cabinets and drawers are in the kitchen - definitely more than we are used to - but there are fewer closets, so that will be a challenge since we got very comfortable using our many closets for all manner of storage and use. but, we're also not bringing all our stuff, so i think the proportion of space to stuff will end up working out nicely.

another thing i'm really excited about in the new place is that we have a real little entryway, which our current place does not. so we'll be able to have a little table and the coat closet right when you walk in, which i think is so cozy. it's like an immediate and enveloping homecoming when we walk in from the world.

on a less warm and fuzzy note, we are one full bath down from our current house, but there is a big linen closet in the full bath that i am very excited about. it will be a great place to store all the things that normally find themselves under the sink and so easily become disorganized.

now i just have to remember all these lovely images while furiously digging through boxes for sweet and low or q-tips.

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Maria said...

the apartment i am in now has NO closets. yes thats right...NO closets. i considered putting sweaters in my kitchen cabinet when i moved in because i have so many of those. i bought a wardrobe and put all my shoes in the cabinet under my kitchen counter and all has worked out just fine ;)i'm sure you will find a place for everything.

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