Thursday, October 15, 2009

tiny treasures...fall's bounty

well since i'm really in the fall spirit, i figured today's bounty should be right in step. fall comes once a year and is full of tiny treasures!

this week, i think the best use of a couple bucks is to treat yourself to a little taste of whatever aspect of autumn thrills you. it could be a jug of homemade apple cider or a few apples or pears...

it could be a pumpkin or some gourds, or even a little bunch of indian corn...

and of course, if you're a flower loving kind of girl, or especially if you've never really embraced fall as a flower kind of season, treat yourself to a small bunch or a few stems of a real fall flower - brassica, dahlias, sunflowers, all kinds of mums...

and if it's a pumpkin spice latte or a sweet hot chocolate that makes you feel fall on this cool, rainy day, go for it. enjoy something that gives you that little hit of warmth and coziness while you appreciate the sights and colors that we are so lucky to have for these few weeks.

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