Monday, October 5, 2009

this flipped me out

okay, how crazy is this? when reading about design magazine spreads on habitually chic, i was shocked to learn that it is common practice to flip the orientation of a room they're showing to better accomodate the page layouts and folds. that's just nuts! i feel like it changes the whole feel of the room! it's bad enough that the rooms that appear in magazines are styled for the shoots and often different than they actually are, but now this?

i totally take into account which direction things go in or the order in which one comes across items in a room upon entering when making choices, and i feel like flipping the orientation of the room totally changes those things. check it out - the photo above was shown in livingetc, while the below picture appeared in domino (the correct view).

i feel all turned around. and betrayed.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that you are even "shocked" about this is what is so shocking to me! What's the big deal? Does it change much of anything? Aren't there better things to think about, let alone be shocked about?

honey living said...

anon- i actually think it looks very different in the two pictures. to me, the visual direction that a room moves in registers, so i find it to be a very different look.

sorry you're so shocked by my shock! i guess i should ask you your own question...aren't there better things to be shocked about?

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