Thursday, October 15, 2009

a harvest bounty

i am really just beside myself (in a good way) with all the gorgeous fall that surrounds us this week.

mums, pumpkins, apples and lots of other produce and flowers in deep and regal-looking hues are dotting our town and surrounding towns, as well as the city.

to me, there's nothing like that cold snap of a fall breeze that accompanies all the sights and smells of true autumn. it is the coziest, most warming feeling around.

one of the things i love is how many varieties there are of certain types of produce...mainly apples. at the farmers market, there must have been 15 varieties...and they were huge!

one of the concepts i have started to consider this fall is how shades of pink and purple look perfect when mixed with the more traditional fall colors. it adds a certain warmth and softness that really works.

i'm also loving seeing some green produce mixed in with the stunning reds and purples ... the green grounds the mix and is a reminder that it all actually comes from nature...hard to believe with how surreal and artful some of these things look!

i'm very thankful for the natural bounty that fall brings, aren't you?


Arianna Belle said...

Wow great shots of all the produce and beautiful flowers! I love the fresh fall breeze too and being bundled up in something warm :-)

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Hi there. Thank you for visiting my blog. : ) I'm so glad you left a comment so that I could come visit you!! Your pictures are wonderful and I look forward to catching up on your posts. Also, thanks for the link to the tv theme songs. I'm gonna go check it out now. Have a wonderful day. : )

~ Wendy

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