Friday, October 9, 2009

licking your wounds, and other cliches

WELL, last night was certainly a busy one at our house. sophie and alice got spayed yesterday and were none too pleased about the lampshades on their heads.

of course, these "devices" are meant to deter them from licking their wounds and rough-housing, but they did neither. i think i expected them to be subdued and a little loopy coming home from the vet, but instead they were bouncing-off-the-walls (and each other) hyper and wildly spinning in the air trying to catch some imaginary culprit. at one point, they collided mid-air in a hug.

very late into the evening, i felt like my heart might shoot out of my chest from the anxiety of their antics and their not drinking water for 24 hours and refusing to even try to drink it, even when in an elevated bowl to accomodate their lampshades. this must be what parents feel like. OY.
at some point, mitchell suggested we remove the shades, the reasoning being that the shades were making them crazy, and that maybe they just wanted to clean themselves since they were all matted from the vet. it actually worked, and they weren't even trying to lick their wounds. interesting how the prohibition of wound-licking makes them wants to lick their wounds. and how giving them a little trust and dignity -- allowing them to clean themselves and be presentable -- makes a difference in their mindset. it reminds me of the post i did a couple months ago on the comforts of home even in uncomfortable situations.

anyway, i am looking forward to a calmer weekend - one that doesn't involve collisions in mid-air, constant knawing at plastic cones and large glasses of water being knocked over repeatedly.

here's hoping your weekend is a good one too.

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