Wednesday, October 7, 2009

all dolled up

remember these wooden matryoshka dolls? i think everyone must have had a set at some time. to me, they're totally a reminder of my early childhood - and they have a nice nostaligic feel to them because they're not made of plastic like all toys are now (and toxic plastic, at that). i can remember lots of toys, actually, made out of wood - xylophones, little wagons, toolbenches, trains, all kinds of things.

well check this out as a great gift now that the people who played with these nesting dolls as kids are having their own kids!
this set of blank matryoshka dolls from romp is a perfect gift to celebrate a growing family, or a family finally completed. they come just as shown, and i think they'd be great to give like this to a family to decorate, especially big brothers and sisters to be.

BUT i also think they'd be amazing to give already painted if you are artistically inclined, or know someone who is. my sister molly, for example, is a totally gifted artist and painter and interesting people are her specialty. i think a set of these painted by her or someone else with true talent would be truly priceless. even if it's someone who doesn't know the recipients, you could have them painted using a photo of each family member as a guide. if the family has fewes than five members, hold on to the extras and add them later to welcome new additions!

because this nostalgic gift celebrates a family's uniqueness, and because it is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind, AND because the set is $21, i'm obsessed.

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Ann said...

My daughter has a set of matryoshka dolls that my parents got her from Russia and she loves them. She calls it her puzzle and loves to take them apart and put back together over and over. I really love this idea, if only I could paint because a 3 year old painting is not exactly neat - but perhaps that's what makes it great!

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