Monday, October 5, 2009

in your color...literally

most people have at least one space in their home that just needs something on the wall and nothing seems to fit the bill. you try a plant, your try a pair of mirrors, you try the same old tired french advertising prints you've had in every apartment since you've lived independently...okay maybe that last part is just me.

but check out "in your color," an extremely awesome option sent to me by reader becky! you can custom color any photo in their large archive or you can upload your own. and then you can order prints up to 40x60! FYI: that's TWICE the size of the largest print available from ofoto, which has been my only gripe with ofoto thus far.

on the photos already in their archive, they control which element(s) in each photo that you can change the color of, so it has that pleasantville vibe - everything in black and white except one juicy apple or rose (or whatever) in red (or whatever) get the idea. when you upload your own, you can plot points around the item you want to change. either one looks really cool.

the best thing about this is that you can make something that is the size you want with a punch of whatever color (and there are hundreds of choices) you feel the space you're filling needs.

one way you could use this site is to do three of the same picture but each using a different color, so it's like a series for a large wall or a hallway or staircase wall - i could see doing that with a sunset picture -- maybe one in purply blue, one in reddish orange and one in a ambery yellow. or a landscape like the top photo here, one in autumnal reds, one in orange, on in green or yellow. so many possibilities.

thanks for the tip becky - love it!

check it out everyone and let me know what you think: in your color

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