Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mismatch made in heaven

like a lot of people, i always had a thing about mixing different woods or different metals in a room. i felt that a room maintained a certain calm and sophistication when the wood tones, or the metal hardware and accents were the same throughout. while in certain types of rooms i would still hold to that more traditional ideal, i have begun to loosen up in that regard, and i largely attribute it to my stay at the emerson resort in mt. tremper, new york.

in celebration of our first married year, my husband mitchell and i returned to the place we were married. this time, though, we stayed in the newly renovated "inn" portion of the resort, an adults-only, luxury resort within the resort, and it was one of the most amazing weekends i have ever had.

the emerson staff truly tends to every need, leaving no detail untouched. there was the room service coffee in the morning complete with the new york times and enjoyed in front of our room's fireplace as the morning sun poured in. there was also the silently dramatic red and green tassels on the door to indicate "do not disturb" or "service" to the housekeeping staff. and tiny details like the antique china plate of plums when we first arrived were just unique and pretty in a simple, charming way. coupled with the incredible spa and first-rate phoenix restaurant, it was a weekend that happily could have gone on forever, and will likely be an annual treat for the rothbergs.

one of the things i enjoyed the most was the room itself. draped in soothing jewel tones and luxuriant fabrics all around, more than i loved any of the individual components of the room, i loved the sum of its parts. i was amazed by how they achieved a look that was contemporary but with definite historic and cultural roots, and also how they combined so many elements and materials to create a look that was polished and elegant, but soothing and relaxing all at once. each room is a little different than the next, but there is a definite thread throughout. bottom line - i felt pampered and privileged when i was in that room, and isn't that why we go away? it certainly is why i go away, that's for sure.

the lamps throughout the room do not share the same bases or shades, nor does the furniture all have matching wood. even the mix of tiles and stones in the bathroom was eclectic and unexpected. i would never think to pair wood and a pale marble, and i normally hate orchids, especially white ones, but somehow i loved the bathroom anyway. the confidence with which the mixing of styles was done is a definite key to its success as a design space.

the common areas of the resort are appointed with the same finesse - the seamless marriage of old and new, eastern and western, relaxed and luxurious. i think it's precisely this eclectic mix that gives the spaces a feeling of having been developed over time, which is homey and comfortable, as that is the way our homes tend to be as well. but the super-luxe quality of each element elevates it to a remarkably special place to spend a weekend.

and this is the mama suite. maybe for our 10 year!

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