Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tiny treasures...air effects

you know how i'm all about scents, and really, i feel like so are most people. as we all know, the olfactory scent is a powerful one for memory and association, and for me, it's a major mood thing. if i don't like the way something smells, especially at home, it's a real downer. you might remember my run-in with so-called odor shield garbage bags and the scent discovery that followed.

so of course, i'm always on the lookout for products that help to keep things smelling good and fresh and whenever possible, awesome, and that's why so many of the tiny treasures i do are fragrance-related.

the whole point of tiny treasures is to indulge ourselves in small ways that make our lives better on the whole. fleeting moments in a day add up to a lot, and it's often very easy to treat ourselves to something extra special in those moments with a decadent coffee improvement, a corner store bouquet of flowers or a pretty accessory. or of course something that smells wonderful.

we just have to remember to do it, and then do it. so i like to provide easy ideas to help remind you and myself. and of course, they have to be $5 or less so it never becomes a source of guilt or stress to pamper yourself.

so i'm so excited to obsess over febreze air effects with you. this is an air freshener that actually works - immediately, and long-lastingly. of course i'm partial to the lavender vanilla, as i always am, but i have to say the powder and pamper fragrance is a close second in this case.

i'm looking forward to trying the impressive array of scents they offer, most of all meadows and rain, pumpkin harvest, the special pet odor formula and the inventive sounding moroccan bazaar.

everything is just better when things smell good. i really believe that.

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Erin said...

I love your tiny treasures! This one certainly does not disappoint. I will definitely have to grab a bottle next time I'm the store. Now which scent...

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