Monday, September 20, 2010

a cut above

when i gasped upon seeing these kimberly mcdonald earrings, i knew they were meant to be shared. and meant to be owned. by me. well, until then, let's just observe and weep.

using interesting geodes and rare gemstones, kimberly mcdonald's designs are unique and eyecatching - classic and edgy in the same moment. i love how she uses diamonds in conjunction with the other materials - so thoughtful and restrained to not go totally rogue where tradition is concerned. sometimes they're dainty and pave, sometimes raw and uncut.
and she's a firm believer in reusing materials, rather than continuing to deplete natural resources, which makes each piece even more lovely and one-of-a-kind, which is so special. here is what she says:

there is such an abundance of material out there, we need not continue to harvest many of the materials needed to create. i like to think of each creation as an extension of what nature has given us and we strive to preserve the integrity of the material and its unique energy. we also strive to reuse rather than reap. jewelry was initially created to carry symbolic talismans and stones of energy or import. i believe it should still have that meaning and that we can accomplish this without pillaging nature.

amen sister.

and can i just say...OMFG.

kimberly's designs are sold at only a few places which are here.

images from rockras, la mag, pierce mattie public relations, modern jeweler, polyvore, jewelsnob, browns fashion, life-content, kaboodle, the cut london, holt renfrew, beauty lab ny, jewelsfile, gem gossip, elle

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