Thursday, September 2, 2010

fall's changing colors

i am sooo excited to switch to fall nail colors. really, i've been pondering it since mid-summer when my long stem roses high started to get old. of course, there are the classics - wicked, suzi says da, sole mate. but there are some new ones i'm pretty excited for too.
over at SHEfinds, i wrote about the much-anticipated chanel khaki collection, and i'm dying over the khaki brun (center) and khaki rose (right). still can't get behind green polish, but that's just me.

the khaki rose reminds me of one of my favorite essie colors, angora cardi, which i'll definitely be whipping out again this fall.

essie has also brought it this season with their fall collection, unlike last winter when i was bored to tears. as you can see, chanel and essie seem to have coordinated first-day-of-school outfits here.

for essie, i'm most excited about merino cool and little brown dress, since i'm always looking for a deep, dark brown with no hint of red or purple, and this could be it. and the merino cool looks like a purply version of last year's mink muffs, which i still haven't tried but definitely will.

i'm also excited to try some deborah lippmann colors -- specifically two neutral shades - the putty gray waking up in vegas, and fashion, which appears to be a perfect taupe.

and then two fabulous gunmetal shades. i think one of these or something very similar has to be my next mani. there's marquee moon, and hit me with your best shot, which is so dark it's hard to even tell what it looks like, but it's described as glistening gun metal so i'm in.

i'm not sure about the purple thing but i'm tempted, i'll say that, thanks to chanel paradoxal, deborah lippmann's pump up the jam and essie's velvet voyeur.

velvet voyeur is described as "intense chocolate amethyst." sounds like it could be the holy grail of fall manicures.

what will be your first fall color?

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