Thursday, June 10, 2010

tiny treasures...roll it up

i am of the firm belief that you can never have enough bags (exhibit A, my closet). totes, clutches, hobos, barrels...a purpose for every one of them, and once in a while, a bag truly wows me. the one i'm telling you about today happens to cost $3, so...tiny treasure, obvi. (if you're new to honey living, or just to tiny treasures, they're small indulgences to make you feel good for under $5. check out all the past tiny treasures here).

i've had these bags for a while (see here for the matching reusable shopping totes), but for some reason, i keep forgetting to write about them. forgive me! so...

pier 1 carries the bag in four extremely likable prints, and they roll into a small pouch which can clip on to...something. keys i guess? i don't know, that part i don't get, but i'm a huge fan of throwing one in my bag, one in the car, one in my desk drawer...the list goes on. they're so perfect for when you end up with more stuff than you thought you would coming to or from work, shopping, a visit with friends, etc. also, you don't have to deal with the annoyance of forgetting the reusable grocery bags in the car or your house every time you're at the store, because these are always in your bag taking up hardly any room at all.

me being big on matching bag ensembles, all mine are in the spot-on black and white damask, but the other three coordinate nicely with each other and might one day find their way into my bag too.

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photo from pier 1

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