Wednesday, September 22, 2010

salty and sweet

a couple weekends ago i planned a screening and afterparty for an independent film called lady lily (adventures in god's country). i wanted to share the pictures i took at each of the events of the night, and i decided to break it into two posts because the images are so different.

the screening was at a very cool new screening room called indiescreen in williamsburg, brooklyn. the filmmaker, dani, had already secured the location when i came into the picture, but the venue didn't have their liquor license yet. they were supposed to, but there were delays, so we had to figure out how to handle the crowd expected for the screening. we decided on an afterparty in the immediate area of the screening room, but didn't want to serve the guests nothing at the screening itself, so we decided on soft drinks at the "bar" (which dani treated everyone to) and fun movie snacks.

i never turn away from a retro theme looking me in the face, so i pushed for old timey bags of popcorn and colorful lollipops and dani happily agreed. i got the bags at a party store which luckily had them, because i didn't have much time, but i did discover lots of online sources here. i got the popcorn at pathmark where i looked like a deranged popcorn fiend, buying out their stock of jumbo sized popcorn bags that are placed so far back on such a high shelf because they don't actually expect anyone to try and get the ones at the back. i got the ones at the back.

i used the highly adorable and mod-looking tolsby frames from ikea to hold the sweet and salty signs, as well as signs on the bar that let guests know that their hostess was treating them to soft drinks and that there was to be a champagne toast at the afterparty following the screening, along with the address of the restaurant.

my biggest concern was that i wouldn't have enough popcorn bags made up (i had plenty of popcorn and bags on hand in case i had to quickly make up more) or that no one would eat it, so i was happy to see this final sight before i packed up and moved on to the afterparty venue.

that's a wrap.

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