Tuesday, September 28, 2010

not so scary decor

i've never really been into a lot of halloween decorating, unless of course there is a halloween party for said decorating. but i've actually seen a couple things so far this year that are pretty cute.

first, how awesome are these furniture leg covers from pier 1? i love the idea of a normally decorated room with these covers on the chairs or tables. they would be such a funny visual to come upon unexpectedly and i love a sense of humor in any room.

i also love their glitter candelabra - i think it would be so pretty on any winter table, halloween aside, especially in a candlelit room where it would glitter and shine in the fickering light. i think i just talked myself into this one.

then on my last homegoods visit, i found these luxe looking pillows which, in the right space, could also stick around after halloween. though i'm not much of a skull-and-crossbones girl, the sparkle and shine of the beading on this pillow and its price of $16.99 gave me pause.

i also loved the purple and black wreaths they had, and it gave me all kinds of ideas for a deep, jewely purple christmas color scheme. i can imagine it with accents of gold and a bright teal, but definitely using a few shades of dark purple as the base. they'll probably even be on heavy sale at homegoods after halloween, because they're only thinking of it for halloween. had to go and be jewish, didn't i?

do you decorate for halloween?

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