Thursday, September 16, 2010

pretty in pink

isn't this gorgeous? my sister molly (a pink lover like me) sent it to me and i'm obsessed. not only is the combination of pinks intoxicating, but i love the overhead view of the table - it's really an amazing way to look at a tablescape, and one i definitely have to employ going forward when trying to photograph events and parties.

having the blooms sectioned off by color here reminds me of my always preferred strategy of keeping like with like in the flower world - even if i'm stuck having to grab the dreaded "mixed bouquet" from a grocery store, it's no problem because i separate them into like bunches and create several small arrangements. to me, this looks so much better than to leave them in all their jumbledness and throw them in a vase.

but the insane pink colorblocking in this picture...i'm going to need to try that, STAT.

image from martha stewart

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes Carla we can see you hanging from a trapeze in your pink tutu trying to trying to get an aerial shot of a tablescape with your instamatic. Oh la la.

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