Thursday, August 5, 2010

the true odor shield

i know we've talked about eucalyptus before, but i'm going to address it again, with good reason.

you might remember from a couple months ago, i told you about the horrible mistake i made in purchasing "odor shield" garbage bags which smell positively repellent. even though they're long gone, their scent remains and it makes me miserable every time i open the under-sink cabinets where the garbage cans are in the kitchen and the bathroom. i've tried everything - reed diffusers, odor absorbers, sprays, air freshener name it, i've tried it.

then i got the idea of placing a bunch of my beloved eucalyptus in each cabinet. within 24 hours, no sign of the odorific odor-shield bags. i'm so excited about this solution for any problem areas including where the litter box is and any other spot that gets stuffy and less than fresh. LOVE.

image from sav-on crafts

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