Wednesday, January 27, 2010

right on target

so pretty, right? that was exactly how i felt when i spied this bag last week at target for $12.99. yes, $12.99. perfect non-dowdy shape and size, tapered and lovely trellis design, poppy and bright yellow hue. and i'm loving it, and getting compliments galore. i'm thinking of picking up the same one in green, to be honest. such a great everyday bag for me, whatwith my commuting and lunch-packing and general over-packing tendencies. just don't overpack it too much is what i've learned.

i love it in zebra and black dot too.

A LOT. because look at their linings! and you KNOW how i feel about lovely linings.

i don't love the pink so much, for me ... i don't know, something about it with the brown handle or something...but you know, what strikes me funny might strike someone else as perfection.

and my happy train moment...great new bag packed with all my stuff, and my book (the help, HIGHLY recommend) matches it perfectly. i'm telling you, these are the kind of details that make my heart sing. you too?

update 3/17/10: okay, i still love these and feel so happy when i'm carrying them, but both the yellow and the green broke in the same place (where the brass loop on the handle attaches to the bag itself). easily fixable, and still well worth it for $12 and the cuteness factor, but i feel i have to tell you in the interest of full disclosure.
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Lillian Chang said...

Ohmygosh, Target has the BEST bags!! And yesss- I love me a good lining, too!! :)
I just finished The Help, actually, and I absolutely loved it! Recommend it to anyone!!

Lovely blog! :) I'll be checking back again!!

honey living said...

thanks lillian!

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