Wednesday, June 24, 2009

inner beauty

for the longest time, i have had a passion for bags. as much as i want to think i could get to a point where i don't need anymore, i have discovered that i never seem to get there. i used to sometimes settle though, when i loved most things about a bag, but not all things. sometimes the hardware or color would be slightly off or the strap wouldn't be as long as i like it. as a result, i have collected several bags over the years that are wonderful to look at, but not as wonderful to use. as my general rule about all purchases has become that i really need to love what i'm adding to my home and my life, i have very much limited bag purchases to ones that strike me as aesthetically and ergonomically perfect for me and the way i'll use them.

i have found that one of the details i gravitate to when looking at bags now is the lining - it's an almost unseen element of a bag, and arguably one only the wearer is aware of, and to me it makes a huge difference. i also find that some of my favorites of the bags i already own have special linings - its like a little surprise party when i go to take something out of my bag. i also feel like it gives a bag i already like from the outside an added element of interest and beauty and delivers a higher-quality feeling, like attention to detail was paid in every way.

conversely, i find it a real turn-off when a nice bag has a cheap looking lining. one of my favorite bags is this black one with braided details and shiny silver hardware, but i'm always disappointed when i open it to be reminded of this unpretty, mass-produced looking lining. ironically, it cost more than both of the above bags combined. i think if i were shopping for this bag now, the lining would have deterred me from getting it, despite my love for the bag in general -- beauty is more than skin deep, even when it comes to bags.


Maria said...

I have a great bag that I use everyday....brown leather on the outside, leopard print lining on the inside...its my favorite thing about the bag. I've had people notice the lining while I was digging in my bag, and that always makes me happy when other people get to apprectiate it as well.

honey living said...

totes :)

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