Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tiny treasures...squeaky clean

thanks to reader shari for the suggestion of today's tiny treasure: bath & body works pocketbac hand gels - the cute one ounce size bottles of their awesome antibacterial hand gels. as you may remember, the coconut lime verbena anti-bac was one of the products i recommended in my coconut post earlier in the summer, because in addition to being refreshing and cleansing, it actually carries its scent very strongly and has impressive staying power.
well, this week (through sunday) they're 5 for $5, so they hit the tiny treasures sweet spot of being an indulgence for $5 or under (click here to see last week's tiny treasure). of course, immediately upon shari's suggestion, i popped into bath & body works and got to sniffing. one of the things that's nice about bath & body works is the array of scents they have, but also the variety of forms in which they come. and, like i did with the coconut lime verbena, you can pretty much outfit yourself with a new scent for a new season for about $25 because of all the sales they have and the fact that you needn't buy every product, just a few. i see the pocketbacs as a great way to test out new scents and see what i might get for fall. and then winter, and then spring, and then...okay relax.

so i picked out japanese cherry blossom (sweet but not too sweet), warm vanilla sugar (really nice for late fall/winter), midnight pomegranate (spicy and autumnal, almost like an updated apple scent), nectarine mint (you know how i feel about peaches and the way they smell)and sea island cotton (a really clean, fresh scent).
normally, they're only fifty cents more at $1.50 each, but i have to tell you, it felt like a really decadent treat, buying five of them. it's a perfect little indulgence and i felt like i had robbed a bank when they rang up to $5.85 including tax. tiny treasures like this are special because the experience of selecting them and deciding which to get is a pleasure in itself, and then you come away with five little prizes - one for your bag, one for the car, one for your mom's bag, one for your mom's get the idea. and at one ounce, they're airport safe.

tiny treasure, squeaky clean.

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