Thursday, August 20, 2009

orange you in love with these chairs?

so, cb2 is all aflutter about their new orange parlour chair. in fact, their email blast the other morning said "what's that amazing new chair on our catalog cover?"

i'll agree that it's a nice, funky accent for a room --maybe a room all in white or tone-on-tone browns. but amazing? no. it looks only slightly different than many other armchairs i see year after year, except for the color, which is probably its main appeal.

so taking the orange into consideration... when compared with this karlstad swivel chair i spotted at ikea over the weekend, the parlour chair just looks so...vanilla.


i'm starting to really appreciate pieces like this, because i'm starting to appreciate white more. sounds paradoxical, i know, but you'll see what i mean in this post about anna spiro, a very talented blogger, interior designer and shop owner in australia.

added bonus: all in, the ikea option is about $100 less than the cb2: the parlour chair is $699, while the swivel chair is $399 and its matching footstool is $199.

and if you aren't into the color, orange you glad the swivel chair comes in gray too?

parlour chair photo from; gray swivel chair photo from

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