Monday, August 10, 2009

good and green

i have been visiting my local farmers market every saturday since the start of summer, but it was only this week that i actually bought anything, as up until recently, it's been only herbs and greens which i haven't needed. this week, there was a nice showing of vegetables and fruits, and i got just what i needed - one onion, one tomato, two zucchinis, four peaches and a bunch each of basil and parsley.

the farmers market has become a staple of my weekends this summer because even when i don't buy anything, it's a nice event on its own. it's right on our town dock, and while it's nowhere near the size and variety that the market near my office in the city offers, it's great in a totally different way, serving an altogether different purpose in my life. it also adds another element of pride for me that everything is grown on long island. it makes me laugh because i think of what my aunt shari says about buying things at farmers markets - that you feel such pride selecting and buying your picks that it's as if you grew them yourself. so true.

i love how the people are friendly, the sellers are knowledgeable and talkative, and the vibe is low-key and pleasant. people bring their dogs and their babies in strollers and grassroots environmental education, the organization that runs the market, provides bistro tables and chairs where people sit and eat muffins and breads sold at one of the stands while sipping coffee (also brewed and sold at the market).

in addition to produce, the market (the only completely organic market in new york state and thus, not cheap) also has fresh flowers, organic cheeses and "casey's catch," a stand run by a local fisherman and his family where people line up for perfect looking sea scallops, jumbo shrimp, tuna and mussels.

also a highlight are the husband and wife beekeepers who sell different varieties of honey, pollen and beeswax candles and soaps. this weekend, they had a show and tell -actual bees in their hives encased in glass. though it was a first for me to see, the little boy in front of me was unimpressed, telling the beekeeper all about bees and how they make honey. the beekeeper smiled and nodded but looked ready to be done with that conversation.

the female beekeeper was telling me all about the different uses for pollen and honey- it's an anti-inflammatory and is used as an appetite suppressant and as treatment for ms, arthritis, allergies and several other ailments. she referred me to this website to read more, which i have to admit i have not yet done. maybe next week the little boy who seemed to know so much will be there and can school me :)

as i've mentioned before, visit for information on all things organic and farmers markets in your area, searchable by zip code and customized criteria. it feels really good.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who is anywhere near a market in the city or country or burbs, the corn is at it's peak!! Milk and Honey just the best! Get it while it lasts. Nothing like husking corn to make me feel like a farmer!!

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